• Scooters
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer
  • Jump Rope 
  • Disc Sports
  • Net Sports
  • Team Building
  • World Sports
  • Chasing and Fleeing
  • and more...

What is SPARK ?


Spark stands for Sports, Play & Active Recreation for Kids.

The focus of SPARK is 

to provide activities that 

encourage youth to be active,

include ALL youth, actively 

engage ALL youth, and instill 

the love of lifelong 



Will there be times that the Rec  and STEM  are together?
     Yes, the y will  do some joint games.

Will there be times that Recreation and STEM programs come together?

Yes, all children enrolled at BEAST will have the opportunity to participate in both Recreation and STEM activities and occasionally work with the other program on team building activities, go on field trips etc.

Is there a price different between Rec and STEM?

     Yes, the STEM program is slightly more per month.  Both however are on a sliding scale based on Free/Reduced Lunch qualifications or amount of children you have in the program.



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* Transportation restrictions  may apply 

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Enrollment FAQ's

Do the STEM  and 
Rec  ever come together?  
     Yes, there will be times that they do joint games

Enrollment in Recreation Program = $100 per month

Discounts available for those who:

Qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch

Have Multiple Children in the program

For Grades K-8th.  Everyday 

school is in session.  Activities for everyone.  Outside, weather 

permitting, or in our 

Sports Complex.