Exercise Classes

Vinyasa Flow


Monday evening 7 pm -  Classes will begin with a Sun Salutation warm up and progress through sequencing that builds strength, flexibility, and mindfulness.  This full-body flow will work every muscle at a moderate and accessible pace, while focusing on alignment and safety 

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Zumba Gold


 Monday Morning 9 am - 10am 

 Active older adults who are looking for a modified Zumba® class that recreates the original moves you love at a lower-intensity. 

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Tai Chi


Tuesday Morning 10:30-11:30 am -  Tai chi is an ancient Chinese exercise that can help older adults improve their balance and lower their fall risk. ... Tai chi, which has roots in Chinese martial arts, uses a series of slow, flowing motions and deep, slow breathing to exercise the body and calm the mind 

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Movement & Relaxation


Wednesday Morning 8:30-9:30

This class focuses on strength, balance, stretching and range of motion.  Can be done seated or standing. All levels welcome! 

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Sunrise Flow


Wednesday morning 6 am

 Set your intention for the day by taking care of your mind and body with a slow and invigorating flow.  Then move through the rest of your day with increased energy and a peaceful presence! 

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Basic Warriors


Saturday Morning 9 am -  this class offers and opportunity for beginners to build a safe practice from a solid foundation.  It assumes no prior experience and covers basic breath work, proper alignment, deep stretches and sequencing at a slow pace 

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Yoga Classes $12/each or 5 classes for $50

Senior Exercise Classes $5/each

*Classes are subject to cancellation if not enough registrations received.  

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